Rage, Murder, and Execution!


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By Bradley Pflugh

With the Historical Society’s recent acquisition of Sam Mohawk’s manacles, the story of the massacre again moved to the forefront in 2011.  The handful of available publications centered on local lore, rumors, and scatterings of articles that had been published in newspapers over the years, none of which ever gave the full picture of what happened.  In order to clear up the rumors and local lore about Mohawk, Bradley researched all the available newspapers, publications, and documents from 1843-44 and many published since to answer the questions of what brought Mohawk to Butler, which direction did he come from, where all did he stop on his journey, where was he hung, where was he buried, and why did he commit the murders?  Read about this fascinating piece of Butler County history and the first man hung here.   Soft cover, 65 pages, color and black/white photographs.

This book has been reprinted and is sold as the Second Edition with updated and additional pages, information and photographs.  Arrived in our office on December 16, 2014.  Now available for sale.

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