199 Cooper Rd, Cabot, PA 16023

As Samuel Cooper built his backwoods cabin in the 1810s, he never imagined that four generations of Coopers would be born there, or that his granddaughter Nancy (often referred to as Aunt Nancy) would call it home for all of her 102 years! Nancy's own grandson gifted his family's home to the historical society in 1976 to maintain and use as an educational center, which we've done for over forty years. The Cabin today represents the rustic nature the Cooper family upheld, and the perserverance of one strong family.

The Cabin is furnished with family heirlooms and memorabilia as well as other period pieces. Outbuildings on the grounds include a spinning house and a spring house.

Cooper Cabin is open seasonally, between the months of May and September annually. A tour of Cooper Cabin Homestead is $10 per person, BCHS Members are free of charge! Please call us at 724-283-8116 or email us at society@butlerhistory.com to schedule a tour!

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