Our history

The Butler County Historical Society held their first meeting in 1924. 

The group met into the 1930s then became inactive until 1950 when a failed attempt to get the organization revitalized failed, then in 1960, under the leadership of J Campbell Brandon, the Society was brought back to an active organization.  The Society is a 501(c)3, private non-profit.

The Society owns five properties, consisting of eleven buildings and thousands of artifacts.  We have the largest collection in the county of documents, genealogical (family) collections, artifacts, and volumes pertaining to our county.

The mission of the Butler County Historical Society is to collect, preserve and interpret the documents, artifacts and historical sites of Butler County’s rich heritage for the educational benefit of the public.

2016-2017 Board of Directors

Andrew M. Menchyk, Jr., Esquire, President

Debi Kruger, Vice-President

Courtney Ciccarelli, Secretary

Kenny Bonus, Treasurer

Brian Abels

Nicki Dressler

Beth A. Flick

Jeannie Gilkey

Steven J. Newcaster

Pamela Patterson

Brad Pflugh

Harry Schneider

David R. Schnur